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How to Bet on NRL Games in 2023

Kiwis love their rugby. The games are exhilarating, and if you love the sport, you may want to place some bets on teams and players. However, before you place a bet on NRL games in the schedule, you must join a betting site, learn how to compare betting sites and find betting tips.

Continue our NRL betting guide to find some of the best betting sites to join in New Zealand. We, here at LordOfOdds, also show you how to compare the sites, how NRL betting works, the most common bet types, if betting on the final cup is different, what our best betting tips are, and more.

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Why Should You Compare NRL Betting Sites?

The most important of our betting tips is to compare betting sites before choosing one to join. You need to do this because all sports and rugby betting sites offer different features, odds, and bet types. Here are some critical sportsbook elements to compare when choosing a site to bet on NRL games.

  • Odds: You need to compare the NRL odds on available betting sites to find the best odds for NRL season round games. Check the NRL schedule and look for the game you are interested in. Then, simply select the site that offers the most competitive odds.
  • Live streaming: A fantastic NRL betting site must have amazing live streaming options to offer as many season round National Rugby League games to stream live as possible (including the NRL final cup and other finals like the State of Origin finals)
  • Mobile betting: Another essential element when choosing a National Rugby League site to bet on is to make sure they have a functional mobile site with plenty of features. You want a mobile app with all the best season round betting options.
  • Types of bet: Finally, a great NRL betting site must have a vast selection of betting markets.
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Which Are Some NRL Betting Sites?

To give you an excellent start on betting site research, here are some of the best National Rugby League betting sites in New Zealand and Australia and what they do excellently.


bet365 customers have access to various betting markets all season round NRL games, including the cup finals.

bet365 Prosbet365 Cons
✔️ Various markets for NRL betting.❌ Although the site’s design is straightforward, it could be more visually appealing.
✔️ Excellent in-play options.❌ The payment options are somewhat limited.
✔️A brilliant mobile app with the same number of betting types, markets, and matches.


Betway has live streaming options and competitive odds to bet on NRL games. However, their selection of bet boosts and promotions beats out the competition. There are also many betting markets (total tries, line betting, handicaps, etc.) and a customer-friendly cash-out option.

Betway ProsBetway Cons
✔️ There are excellent promotions like weekly free bets and daily odds boosts.❌ The design of the desktop site and the mobile app is simple but isn’t visually appealing.
✔️ Many fantastic features for customers include a multi-bet builder and a cash-out feature.❌ Betway is the best choice for bet boosters and promotions and also has fantastic betting markets and features like a cash-out feature.
✔️ Many NRL betting markets to select in multiple countries (New Zealand, Australia, etc.).

Betway is the best choice for bet boosters and promotions and also has fantastic betting markets and features like a cash-out feature.


Pinnacle is a well-rounded sportsbook with excellent odds, a well optimised mobile app, and an excellent selection of payment methods. There are many NRL cup games to bet on, including the NRL Final cup and season round Rugby League world cup games (and other finals like the State of Origin series cup).

Pinnacle ProsPinnacle Cons
✔️ Customers can enjoy competitive betting limits and odds.❌ Pinnacle lacks a welcome bonus to entice customers to the site.
✔️ Great features such as dynamic sports lines and a re-bet feature.❌ There are missing features like live streaming, cash-out, and bet builders.
✔️ An extensive list of payment methods and quick withdrawal times.

Because of the missing features, it’s difficult to recommend Pinnacle over bet365 or Betway. However, it does have some great features like a re-bet feature.

How Does NRL Betting Work?

The first significant step to starting to bet on NRL games is to pick a site to join; you can use our research to help you get the best start to select a site to join and research other sportsbook sites. You need to look at the odds, the features, welcome offers, safety and security features, and more.

Once you choose a site and choose an NRL game to bet on, you need to search through the various betting markets (handicap bets, line betting, multi bets, etc.). Also, check the odds to see which odds have the highest payout.

Once you decide on the match, team and type of bet, you can place the bet. First, however, you should read betting tips from avid NRL sportsbook users to make sure you are making the correct decision; betting tips are different depending on who you research, so research multiple betting tips.

What Are the Most Common NRL Betting Markets?

When you bet on NRL games, you need to know what types of bets there are to make the best decision possible. Here are the most popular NRL bet types and what they involve.

  • NRL line betting: Line betting gives the weaker team a virtual advantage and the strong team a disadvantage to make a bet more competitive. For example, if one team has a handicap of one try, they must score one more than that for you to win the bet.
  • Multi bets: Multi bets are an excellent way to boost your odds. They are multiple unrelated bets that stack when you add them together. You have to win all the bets in the multi-bet to win.
  • Doubles betting: A doubles bet is a bet on one match split into two parts. For example, you need to bet on the team winning at halftime and the team that wins the match.
  • Head to head: head to head bets are simple because you bet on a team to win the match.
  • Futures bets: These are longer-term NRL season bets; you bet on an outcome that won’t come until the season ends. For example, placing a bet on the NRL grand final cup winner at the beginning of the season.
  • Margin betting: Margin betting is a more specific way of betting on a match result; you need to bet on the margin between the two teams’ scores.
  • Totals: A risky bet with high odds; you bet on the total number of points in the NRL match.

You can also find these bet types for other rugby league options and tournaments, such as season round State of Origin series cup games and Rugby League World Cup games.

Is Betting on the NRL Grand Final Cup Different?

For the most part, betting on the NRL Grand Final Cup is similar to a regular NRL game. However, there are some key differences, including:

  • Futures bets: Futures bets start at the beginning of the season and last season round (until the finals). A popular futures bet is to bet on NRL finals (like the NRL Grand Final).
  • Betting tips: You will find even more betting tips than usual for the NRL final cup and other finals.
  • Special offers: Sportsbooks use finals, including the NRL Grand Final, as a marketing opportunity. Therefore, you will find multiple special offers for the final cup match.

What Are Some General NRL Betting Tips?

Before you start to bet on NRL games, you need all the best NRL betting tips; there are many betting tips out there to help you make an informed decision when placing your bet. So, here are our best NRL betting tips:

  • The first of our NRL betting tips is to research matches (especially if it’s the NRL grand final). If you research, you can find out who the favourite is, who the experts predict, and more.
  • Another useful tip is to research and compare betting sites and choose one to join. You can select a betting site to join by comparing the unique features, bet types, odds, and more.
  • The third of our NRL betting tips is to compare welcome bonuses. Compare the bonuses and their requirements to withdraw your bonus money.
  • Our next tip is to compare odds on the bet types. The general betting rule is that the harder a bet is to win, the higher the odds will be.
  • Also, read the terms and conditions of the betting site; this can help you find details like maximum bets and deposit and withdrawal limits.
  • The sixth of our betting tips is to remember to gamble responsibly. You should create a gambling budget to use for sportsbooks and shouldn’t go over it.


In conclusion, it is easy to bet on NRL games in 2023. You need to find a betting site to join, find a match and team to bet on, compare the odds on the betting types, check betting tips, and place the bet.

There are many sportsbook sites to join to bet on NRL games, but bet365, in our opinion, comes at the very top.

How to bet on NRL FAQ

Here are the answers to some common questions about NRL betting.

🏉 Where can I bet on NRL games?

There are multiple sites to join to bet on NRL Games. Some of these betting sites include bet365, Betway, Pinnacle, and Betway. You can learn more about them in our review.

⭐ How does a line bet work in rugby?

You will likely see line betting in a match (regular or finals ) that one team has a considerable advantage in; line betting gives the weaker team a virtual advantage and the strong team a disadvantage to make a bet more competitive.
For example, if the stronger team has a handicap of -10 points, if they beat the other team by a margin less than 10 points, you lose the bet.

📱 Can you place National Rugby League bets on mobile?

You need a National Rugby League betting site with a mobile app to place NRL bets on mobile. All sportsbooks will have a desktop site, but not all have a mobile site.
Two options that have a mobile site are bet365 and Betway. Their mobile sites aren’t visually appealing, but they function well and have the same features as the desktop sites.

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