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CSGO Betting Guide

In our 2023 CSGO betting guide, we tell you everything you need to know to get started with this emerging betting market. eSports betting is now massive with all the best betting sites. Some of these we review. Here, we take you through how Counter-Strike is played, its history, a guide to betting on eSports, what to look out for, live betting and more.

We also answer your questions in our CSGO betting guide. If you’re thinking of placing bets on CSGO teams, read on to make sure you get the most out of each match and each bet.

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Best CS:GO Betting Sites


CSGO – How It Is Played?

eSports are now incredibly popular. eSports betting in fact is available live with the best betting sites. Within that, Counter-Strike is the biggest eSport around.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive comes with great excitement, whether you’re playing games or just watching. Two teams of five attempt in each match to reach the goal of planting a bomb or stopping the other team from planting a bomb.

Each team can play both ways. The Terrorist element attempts to plant the bomb and the Counter Terrorists aim to defend.

Each Counter-Strike match is played until a team wins 16 rounds. There are 30 rounds, not including any overtime. Teams require solid strategies, therefore.

In each round, both teams are allocated a sum of money based on whether they won or lost in the last round. It may be that teams have enough to buy everything they need. They use tactics to ensure they use their inventory in the best way possible.

When a team doesn’t have everything it needs, they need a superb game plan. This leads to a very exciting match with eSports betting being developed on the back of that. We tell you how to make the most of it too with our CSGO betting guide.

CSGO Betting Guide

CSGO’s History

eSports have been around since the late 1990s. Initially the biggest in South Korea, the country hosted Starcraft: Brood War.

eSports began to grow, gaining more players and viewers. This is when eSports betting also took off, with the world’s best betting sites offering odds and live betting.

Counter-Strike then hit the scene in the early 2000s and blew up immediately. Now, many teams play Counter-Strike games daily. There is a global audience and with it many bets. To bet efficiently, read through our CSGO betting guide.

Betting On CSGO

Our CSGO betting guide should help you with making an informed bet on Counter-Strike games. Genuine betting tips exist for live CSGO match encounters, but if you want to win with your own selections, you should make sure you are well informed.

Why People Bet On CSGO

People bet on CSGO as it is becoming one of the most exciting team events around. eSports betting is gaining real traction now and often, people simply want to put their money where their mouth is.

Some people are themselves accomplished Counter-Strike players. With that knowledge, they are happy to take odds and perhaps make a betting profit.

Here’s our step-by-step CSGO betting guide:

  1. Make sure you use only the best betting sites for eSports betting. Our LordOfOdds review can help.

  2. Register with the betting site.

  3. Deposit funds and claim your bonus. Remember that with any betting bonus, odds restrictions and full terms will apply.

  4. Choose a CSGO match to bet on. Check out the various odds and bets available. You can choose between decimal odds and fractional odds with the best betting sites.

  5. Once you’ve chosen your bet, place it by clicking on the odds.

  6. Watch the match live with the best betting sites, and cheer on your team!

It’s simple to bet on Counter-Strike games. Keep our CSGO betting guide in mind before you place bets.

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What to Look Out for With CSGO Betting

As a basic CSGO betting guide, keep these things in mind:

  • Make sure you know what you’re betting on. Understand why some teams are favourites for eSports games and know why their odds may be lower.
  • Check out team ratings. This will help you to rank them and make your eSports betting more professional.
  • Understand the various bets available.
  • Read the match history.
  • Use only the best betting sites. Those known worldwide and licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority are fine and we review these.

Live CSGO Betting

During our CSGO betting guide and when completing a review of each of the best betting sites, we found plenty of live betting for Counter-Strike games.

While Counter-Strike games are in progress, live betting is always displayed. The odds are kept pretty much up to the second during each match.

Using live betting can be best, with decimal odds used to show what true chance each team appears to have according to their live performance, rather than based on past reputation.

Live streaming is a bonus and can be found on the best betting sites as discovered during our review of eSports betting during our CSGO betting guide research.

The Biggest CSGO Events

eSports betting is so huge now that there are games everywhere with odds offered by betting sites. These ones however are the biggest and best around:

  • BLAST Premier: Offered each spring and autumn, BLAST Premier is a twice-yearly event. Both sides of the tournament are split into a Group Stage of games, plus a Showdown and Season Finals. After this, there is a World Final at the end of each season. With so many teams taking part, our CSGO betting guide found lots of odds and markets offered by betting sites.
  • ESL Pro League: Hugely popular within eSports betting. The ESL features the top 24 CSGO teams in the world. The ESL Pro League is held every spring and autumn and is shown live.
  • Flashpoint: This was the first franchised CSGO league. It features eight permanent partner teams. There are two seasons each year and live eSports betting is extremely popular on this one.

As well as these tournaments, our CSGO betting guide noted that some of the best eSports players in the world also compete in ESL One Cologne and IEM Katowice. The top betting sites offer odds on these matches using fractional and decimal odds, with live betting also available.


Our CSGO betting guide uncovered some fascinating stuff about the world of eSports betting.

If you already know your stuff about CSGO, then getting involved in the live betting side of things can really pay off with winning against the top betting sites a real bonus!

Bettors can check out not only our own CSGO betting guide but Liquipedia too. Strategy is important in top tournaments like the ESL Pro League, but understanding these yourself can also help with your bets.

Only use a top site for your bets, get the best odds, make sure they are licensed with the Malta Gaming Authority, look at a LordOfOdds review, claim your bonus and keep our betting guide in mind before you bet.

CSGO Betting Guide FAQ

Here you’ll find your key questions answered by our CSGO betting guide.

👾 Is CSGO betting profitable?

eSports betting can be profitable for those in the know. Strong knowledge of CSGO, eSports in general and how the betting sites work is a must. You can also look for tips to help you win.

👾 What does +1.5 mean in CSGO betting?

This means the team in question is the underdog in the match. If teams start games with +1.5 map wins, then they only need to win one map for a bet to win.

👾 Can you make money betting on CSGO?

It is possible for some people to have a winning bet with eSports betting. Follow good betting tips, read our betting guide, check out a review of your betting site, and apply a bonus if you can.

👾 What is Liquipedia?

Liquipedia is the Strategy Wiki for TeamLiquid. Liquipedia contains more than 300 pages of content.

👾 Is eSports betting safe?

Yes. Most online betting sites offer eSports betting. Any bet you make, including on eSports, should be done with a reputable site authorised by the Malta Gaming Authority.

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