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eSports Betting Guide 2023

Esports is one of the fastest-growing sports. Therefore, there is massive competition for esports betting sites. To find the best one, you must know the games (League of Legends, etc.), match and bet types and the match odds. You can use our esports betting guide if you are new to esports betting or betting in general.

Continue reading our esports betting guide to learn how esports betting, live game betting and odds. Additionally, we, here at LordOfOfdds, provide excellent review options for betting sites and give excellent betting tips.

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What Is Esports Betting?

The first step of our esports betting guide will be to define esports betting. eSports betting is betting on video gaming as a professional sport. As a result, casual video game players can sometimes turn professional and dedicate their life to mastering a video game.

Esports gaming

Some of the most popular esports worldwide include League of Legends (LoL), Rocket League, and more. League of Legends is exceptionally prominent, with there being twelve professional League of Legends leagues.

With the growing success of the sport, esports betting will become more commonplace on betting sites. Massive betting sites like Betiton and Betway have esports sections on their sportsbooks. Of course, many of these operators hold licences from the Malta Gaming Authority.

How Do I Bet on Esports?

Betting on esports is a simple process. Our esports betting guide will present every step you must take to bet on esports.

  1. Firstly, you need to choose an esports betting site. You will either select an established betting site or a dedicated esports betting site. Some of the best esports betting sites include bet365, Betway and LeoVegas.

  2. Then, the second of our betting tips is to select the specific league and match. Research multiple betting sites to find the ones with the best game libraries.

  3. Our next betting tip is to select the game bet type. There are multiple types, including the kill number, the winning team, and more.

  4. The fourth of our betting tips is to check the esports odds on all the bet types to find the best payout or the safest bet.

  5. Lastly, the last of our betting tips is to read other esports betting tips to check that you are placing the correct bet. When you read the betting tips, you can place the bet (remember, you will need to select a payment method like PayPal before placing the bet).

What Different Games and Leagues Are There?

Because of the sport’s growing popularity, there are multiple popular esports games. Our esports betting guide will present some of the most popular esports games and some of the best leagues that go with them.

League of Legends (LoL)

League of Legends (LoL) is a famous Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game where two teams battle with their champions to claim victory. The game launched in October 2009 and is now one of the most popular esports games. Some of the best League of Legends leagues include The League of Legends Championship Series and the League of Legends World Championship.

Dota 2

Dota 2 is a MOBA (similar to League of Legends) that involves two teams of five playing as heroes and defending bases against each other. Some of the most popular esports Dota 2 leagues include the International Dota 2 Championships and the Dota Pro Circuit.

Rocket League

It is a popular esports game because it’s unique. It’s a car football esports game with teams scoring goals with their cars to win. The most popular esports league for Rocket League is the Rocket League eLeague Cup.

Counter-Strike Global Offensive

Counter-Strike Global Offensive: One of the first and most popular esports games, Counter-Strike Global Offensive is a First Person Shooter (FPS) game that makes its competitive shooting combat harder by preventing players from zooming in with their weapons. The most popular esports CS:GO leagues include The ESL Pro League and The eLeague.

ENCE eSports
Odds are subject to change. Last updated November 7, 2023 11:57 pm.


Fortnite is the biggest and best battle royale esports game. In Fortnite, there are 100 total players (teams of 1, 2, or 4) with one team or winner at the end. For Fortnite, there’s the Open League, the Contender League and the Champions League.

What Types of eSports Bets Are There?

Once you have chosen a betting site and game, One of our betting tips is to choose a bet type. Our esports betting guide will display the most popular esports bets and how they work.

  • Tournament winner: The first bet type our esports betting guide covers is simple. You bet on esports teams you think will win every match and win the tournament. The earlier you place one of these bets, the higher the odds will become.
  • Match-winner: You bet on the team that will win an individual match.
  • Group winner: In the group stages, you choose the team to win in their group and progress to the first knockout match.
  • MPV: You bet on the player with the highest score at the end of the match.
  • Total Score/ winning score: You can bet on the score of the match, either the score of the winning team or the total match score (consult betting tips for more detail).
  • Prop bets: These are more specific bets. For example, if a match goes into overtime or if two players get the same number of kills (consult betting tips for more detail).
  • First map: This esports bet only applies to game options with multiple maps. The game selects a map at random for the match (or the players vote for the map); you bet on the map you think will be first (consult betting tips for more detail).
  • Handicap betting: A handicap bet is an excellent idea if one of the teams has a significant advantage over the other team. You can place a handicap on stronger esports teams (like starting on -10 points, for example) to see if they still win the match (consult betting tips for more detail).

Is It Possible to Participate in Live eSports Betting?

As well as covering the bets you place before a match, our esports betting guide will now cover live betting. You can place live bets on esports games (League of Legends, for example); many betting sites and games have live bet options.

The simplest and most popular esports live bet is to bet on the team you think will win. Of course, you must place the live bet during the game. For example, if one team is the favourite and the other team starts winning, the live esports odds will change, allowing you to place a live bet. Other live esports bets include first map, first kill and any other variable that can change during a live game, like overtime.

How Do Esports Betting Odds Work?

Because esports is a growing sport with a new audience, our esports betting guide will show you what the numbers on esports match odds mean. An esports match consists of many teams, and these teams have a chance of winning; the betting site represents this chance with a number and a + or – odds symbol.

If a team has the – odds symbol, they are the underdog. So, for example, if a team has esports odds of -200, you must bet NZ$200 to win NZ$100 (consult betting tips for further details).

Alternatively, if a team has the + odds symbol, they are the favourite. So, for example, if a team has esports odds of +200, you will win NZ$200 if you bet NZ$100 (consult betting tips for further details).

Esports Betting Site Reviews

The most important of our betting tips is to choose a betting site. To help you get a start on your research, our esports betting guide will now review five of the best esports betting sites.

betway esports

Betway eSports Review

Betway is one of the best betting sites due to its vast number of sports match options (over thirty sports match options). They also have many bonus options available for customers, including free bets. Additionally, they have a competitive number of esports betting markets.

Betway eSports ProsBetway eSports Cons
✔️ Bonus options that edge out the competition, such as odds boosters and free bets for various sports.❌ Although the design is ideal for new users, it isn’t visually exciting.
✔️ Competitive features for users like cashout and a multi-bet builder on several sports.❌ Although Betway has 24/7 customer support, they are difficult to contact due to long wait times.
✔️ An extensive number of esports betting markets (League of Legends, Rocket League, etc.).

Pinnacle eSports Review

If you are looking for different betting limits, Pinnacle is one of the best betting sites. Additionally, they have competitive esports odds, betting markets that rival other betting sites, many payment methods and more. However, they are unfortunately missing some features (live streaming, bet builders, etc.).

Pinnacle eSports ProsPinnacle eSports Cons
✔️ One of the best betting sites if you want different betting limits for esports.❌ The operator is lacking in bonus options, including a welcome bonus to entice new customers.
✔️ A competitive betting site when it comes to esports odds and betting markets.❌ Pinnacle is missing a few vital betting site features, such as bet builders and live streaming.
✔️ Pinnacle has a mobile app that’s easy to use for new users.
bet365 esports review

bet365 Review

This is a fantastic esports betting site that offers multiple promotions to both new and existing customers.

bet365 eSports Prosbet365 eSports Cons
✔️ Excellent selection of betting markets, including multiple leagues for several available sports.❌ The site and app have a dull design (however, it still functions well).
✔️ Incredibly competitive markets.❌ You can’t use certain payment methods.
✔️ Exciting promotions.

Overall, bet365 is a brilliant choice for esports betting because of its competitive esports odds and extensive betting markets.

betiton esports review

Betiton eSports Review

Betition is a great competitor for the other betting sites because it has many sports to bet on and a fantastic welcome bonus. However, it is missing a few features for betting sites, including a mobile app for its users.

Betiton eSports ProsBetiton eSports Cons
✔️ There are multiple sports to bet on (over 25), and many betting markets for esports (League of Legends, Rocket League, etc.).❌ Several important missing features include a mobile app for the betting site and live streaming for esports.
✔️ Excellent customer service options include live chat, email, and FAQs (live chat available 24/7).
✔️ A free bet offer when you sign up for Betition.
✔️ Multiple payment options for deposits and withdrawals (MasterCard, etc.)
leovegas esports review

LeoVegas eSports Review

LeoVegas is more well-rounded than other betting sites (thanks to its online casino). For its sportsbook, it has an excellent deposit welcome bonus, competitive esports odds, great payment methods and multiple esports betting markets.

LeoVegas eSports ProsLeoVegas eSports Cons
✔️ The welcome bonus for Leovegas is interesting to see and you can receive the bonus as free bets❌ Apart from the welcome bonus, there aren’t many other promotions for the betting site.
✔️ The Leovegas betting site has competitive odds that rival other betting sites.
✔️There are multiple esports betting markets on Leovegas, including League of Legends and Rocket League.

Final Summary

Our esports betting guide has gone through some of the best esports betting sites. In addition, our esports betting guide provided multiple betting tips, explained esports odds and provided review recommendations.

The most critical of our betting tips is to find a brilliant betting site with extensive esports betting markets. Additionally, you should pick a bet type, examine the odds, and place your bet (examine betting tips for more advice).

Esports Betting Guide FAQ

We have answered some usual questions players tend to have about esports betting.

🕹️ What does 1.5 mean in esports betting?

You will see 1.5 with a handicap bet. If you see 1.5 in a handicap bet, the team with the 1.5 advantage only has to lose by less than 1.5 points to win your bet. Refer to betting tips if you need further help.

👾 Can I bet live on esports?

You can place live bets on esports games. Many betting sites have live bet games.
The best esports live bets on live games include betting on teams to win the match, the first map, first kill and other specific variables that change during the match.

💻 What are the best esports betting options?

The best major esports include League of Legends, CS:GO, Rocket League, Call Of Duty Warzone, Fortnite and more. League of Legends is a huge esports game; there are multiple leagues, including The League of Legends World Championship, The League of Legends Championship Series, and more.

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