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Super Rugby Betting

If you are looking for a Super Rugby betting guide, you have come to the right place. Check out the top sites for Super Rugby betting as we, here at LordOfOdds, explain why you should compare them. We also look into how Super Rugby betting works, give you some betting tips, tell you more about the Super Rugby Pacific competition and answer your top questions.

Super Rugby Pacific features top teams from New Zealand and Fiji. Brumbies, Reds, Blues, Crusaders, Warratahs, Chiefs, and Moana Pacifika are all involved. Before you pick your winner, check out our betting tips and info on this top Rugby Union league.

Best Super Rugby Betting Sites

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Comparing Rugby Union Betting Sites

When thinking about Super Rugby betting, it’s important not to take the first betting odds you see. To win a cup or a league, rugby union teams need to be supremely well prepared. As a bettor, you should be, too.

Comparing sites offering rugby betting, especially Super Rugby Pacific odds, is a crucial part of your process. Things to look out for, depending on your betting needs, include:

  • Fair rugby betting odds
  • Betting on matches
  • Overall league or cup winner odds
  • Deep markets – rugby betting odds on various game outcomes
  • Live odds and in-play betting
  • Live Streaming
  • Bonuses (especially if you’re a new player)

You may value some of the above factors more than others when it comes to Super Rugby betting. You may also want to consider the fact that Super Rugby Pacific matches, rugby union, or even rugby betting, in general, is not all you will want your betting site to offer.

Think about a site that will offer you good Premier League odds, Melbourne Cup winner odds, and much more. Never accept the first rugby betting odds you see. Choose a site with betting tips, fair odds, lots of betting markets, and great features. We’ve done some of that work for you to help with your Super Rugby betting choices.

Rugby League Betting Sites NZ

Top Rugby Union Betting Sites in NZ

You should really compare betting sites to see which ones suit your Super Rugby betting needs. Not every site will give you everything. Some have a good live betting section, but poor odds. Others have good rugby betting odds but don’t offer other good sports betting. To give you a head start, we’ve looked at some of the better rugby union betting firms in New Zealand.


Known as probably one of the most comprehensive betting firms in the world, bet365 is not short of things to offer. Naturally, players will be able to find an assortment of markets here. For example, customers can place bets on who will win the league or the overall cup winner, to name just a couple of them.

Of course, other sports markets are available as well. For example, football, tennis, golf, horse racing and much more. The Melbourne Cup is particularly well covered as this site is huge in Australia, too.

bet365 has a mobile site and players who wish can also download the app. Of course, various markets, including Super Rugby betting, are available here. too.


Already a big name within the industry but increasing in popularity across Australia and New Zealand is Betway. Live betting is well covered, rugby betting odds tend to be fair and the mobile site is excellent. You can do your Super Rugby betting on the move, or while watching matches.

Rugby league and rugby union are both covered at Betway. A full suite of Super Rugby Pacific odds is online. Individual matches, overall cup winner, spot bets and so much more.


Pinnacle has been excellent when it comes to offering a diverse service. While major events such as the Melbourne Cup and Premier League are of course covered, Pinnacle has been doing its best to offer lots of eSports odds, live odds, and plenty more besides.

One of the things they cover well is the Super Rugby Pacific matches. The Money Line and around four other markets are available for each game. Whether you’re a fan of the Reds or the Brumbies, the Chiefs or the Blues, you will find available odds at Pinnacle.

Their Super Rugby betting markets aren’t as deep as those by some other operators, for example. They do however offer the basics, so it may be that Pinnacle is your choice if you are a fan of Waratahs, Moana Pasifika, or anyone else in the league.


Mobilebet’s offering is a little limited, but a bonus is offered to new customers. Rugby betting odds have a decent section on the site. The Currie Cup, European Champions Cup, Six Nations, Super Rugby Pacific, United Rugby Championship, and the World Cup are all available.

Much better than Pinnacle for example is Mobilebet’s extra markets. As well as win odds on matches, Mobilebet offers around 17 other betting markets per game.

This is a good service for Super Rugby betting players. Live betting is offered, while once again you’ll find lots of markets for the Premier League, Melbourne Cup, Aussie rules, cricket, boxing, and many more.

How Super Rugby Betting Works

Super Rugby Pacific fans can feel involved in the matches by betting. If you’re unsure of how it all works, however, we’ve got you covered. You have a number of things to consider when it comes to Super Rugby betting. Notably:

  • Picking the Right Site – If you know what you want from a betting site, which should be more than just rugby betting, then researching your chosen brand is crucial. Our reviews can help with that.
  • Do Your Research – If you’re already well versed in Super Rugby Pacific teams, that’s great. Do your research on the Crusaders, Waratahs, Reds, Brumbies, Chiefs, Blues, Moana Pasifika, and others to make sure you know who the stronger players are. That will help with your rugby betting.
  • Get Good Betting Tips – You may be a rugby fan but not an expert. There’s nothing wrong with that. In that case, look around and make sure you get quality Super Rugby Pacific betting tips.
  • Get the Best Odds – You may have more than one betting account. If that’s the case, then check out all the Super Rugby Pacific game odds and always pick the best value.

Rugby betting comes in various forms. There are a number of markets to choose from, so make yourself familiar with them.

Common Super Rugby Betting Markets

When you click on any Super Rugby Pacific game, you’ll see various betting options. The ‘Win’ odds or ‘Money Line’ are the basic prices for the home win, away win or draw. They look like this:

  • Chiefs 1.83
  • X 16.00
  • Blues 1.86

Other, deeper markets are available within Super Rugby betting. Different sites offer different versions of these markets, but in general, you will find:

  • 1X2 First Half – Like the normal win odds above, but this time only for the first half result.
  • Handicap Full Time – You may see Waratahs +8.5 (1.78) v Crusaders -8.5 (1.76) for example. This means on the handicap Crusaders are expected to be 8-9 points ahead by half time.
  • Highest Scoring Half – Bet on whether the first or second half will have more points.
  • Handicap First Half – Like the handicap full-time winner odds, though this one concerns only the first half.
  • Winning Margin – You can bet on the winner by a certain margin. For example; Reds by 1-12 points, Brumbies by 13+ points etc.
  • Double Result – This concerns betting not only on the win, but also on another result at the same time. For example; Moana Pasifika or the Tie at 28.00. This adds a little insurance to the bet.
  • Other Rugby Betting – Other markets in Super Rugby Pacific matches may include Race to 10 Points, Total Points Odd/Even, First Team to Score, and Last Team to Score.

Super Rugby Betting Tips

If you can get hold of solid, reliable betting tips for Super Rugby Pacific games then you can consider taking them into account. In the meantime, check out these general rugby union betting tips which will help you out:

  • Always Research – Just because Crusaders are usually a winning team, it doesn’t mean they can do it with their best players missing. Check the team news, the latest form, and read interviews to second-guess your team’s real chances of a win.
  • Learn the Stats – Trends and stats can play a big part in rugby betting. Check out form, home v away, average points/tries scored, etc. Stats and trends should be used in conjunction with the above, as stats can be blown out of the water when certain key players are missing.
  • Get Good Value – If you have more than one account, get the best rugby betting odds for your bet. The other way of getting good value is to not accept any old odds just because you fancy a bet. If you like Waratahs for the win and they are 1.28, that’s not really enough of a price on its own to constitute a bet.
  • Of the above, the best of our betting tips has to be the research angle. Rugby betting odds don’t always reflect the sense of camaraderie in a squad, whether some players are injured or even the strength of feeling in a specific stadium.

Get to know the Super Rugby Pacific teams properly. Understand who the best players are and what makes them tick.

Super Rugby History

Super Rugby, a major rugby union competition in a league format, began in 1996. Currently, teams from Australia, New Zealand and Fiji are the ones taking part. In the past, the league contained teams from South Africa, Argentina, and Japan. Teams from major cities such as Melbourne were popular, though for now Australia and South Africa have left the competition.

Previously known as Super 12 and Super 14, the competition is a high-quality rugby union tournament. It is a true premier league of rugby union teams, dominated so far by those from New Zealand, especially Crusaders. As of 2022 and 2023, the league has been renamed Super Rugby Pacific. As of 2022, the teams who participate are:

AustraliaNew ZealandFiji & Pacific Island Nations
BrumbiesBluesDrua (Fiji)
RebelsChiefsMoana Pasifika (Pacific Islands)
Western ForceHurricanes
super rugby betting


There are plenty of Super Rugby Pacific bets to choose from. Rugby betting is plentiful at the best bookmaker sites, especially where it concerns the major rugby union cup and league games.

Keep our basic betting tips above in mind. These can steer you in the right direction. Other than that, Super Rugby Pacific betting is all about picking the right site for you.

Super Rugby Betting FAQ

We have answered your top questions about Super Rugby betting below.

🏉 Where can I bet on the Super Rugby Final?

You can get odds on the Super Rugby Pacific final winner at various top betting sites. Rugby betting odds are available at bet365, Betway, Pinnacle, and Mobilebet among others.

🏉 How do you bet on Super Rugby?

Head to any top rugby betting site. Look for Super Rugby Pacific and click on the odds for each team. You can bet on Crusaders, Waratahs, Reds, Brumbies, Chiefs, Blues, Moana Pasifika, and more. You can bet on league matches or the overall cup winner.

🏉 When is the Super Rugby Season?

The 2022 Super Rugby Pacific league season runs from February to June. It is a premier league competition. The final is due to be played on June 18 when we will know who the winner is.

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